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So go check out my soundcloud instead!

There will be no more audio uploads to Newgrounds on this account

And all of them sound pretty shitty to me now....though there are quite a few really nice melodic bits trying to fight their way out of the sound of inexperience.

My new mission? Remake the ones that suck the least.

I'm livestreaming FL Studio shenanigans.

So uh, come inspire me or something. I HAVE 3GB OF UNFINISHED PROJECTS 4528

I might change accounts...

2012-04-04 02:04:58 by DjMindsweeper

Though not any time soon, really. I have already chosen a new name and have saved the spot, but I will not start uploading to it until I feel that I'm good enough to start over...

Or rather, I want really bangin' stuff associated with the new alias, lol.

The only reason I even bothered posting this is because the last news post was shitty and out of date.

I am alive...

2010-10-01 05:07:27 by DjMindsweeper

...but very inactive. I decided it was time I retracted from the nets temporarily, and go into sort of a musical cocoon, no longer focusing on finishing tracks, but rather practicing and practicing and practicing. When I am ready, I will emerge...a butterfly...

Or some shit like that. Idunnolol.

Point is, I'm gonna make a comeback.
Maybe soon.
Maybe not.
Check it.

It's too badass! I swear I'd actually be getting MUSIC done if it weren't for this damn game! There are few things more awesome than being all like"BING ZOOM! PICHEW PICHEW!" And killing super mutants and shit!
And I feel so badass now that I'm finally strong enough to kill the shit out of those damn Yaoi Guys! I also like stealing everything that I don't need! And killing everyone that I shouldn't! Although I'm starting to get very lonely... I already blew up Megaton, then I killed everyone at Tenpenny Tower, I already took out half of Rivet City...I killed the shit out of Arefu... Big Town is no more thanks to me... I wiped out Paradise Falls and most of the caravan traders....

I'm all alone. Oh well, more Mirelurk cakes for me!

Because I'm signed motherfucker. Hell yes. Thanks to vampiricllama for referring me to Artist Craze Media. Now, don't worry my tiny fanbase. I'm still going to post here. I wouldn't abandon my beloved NG peoples.The future looks badass.

How the fuck do mermaids pee? or defecate, for that matter? Afterwards, I thought, surely, they excrete in the same manner as fish. Problem solved. But wait, that doesn't explain how they manage know, do the naked happy dance? And don't fish lay eggs? But people are mammals! So do mermaids lay eggs or give live birth? Even more puzzling, is the enigma of why I give a shit, wasting precious life in the process of pondering how a nonexistent creature poops/procreates. Well, it's been lovely, but I must go and rethink the value of my entire existence.


2010-02-06 19:28:46 by DjMindsweeper

I am now officially listed as an artist on Last.FM, and have uploaded pretty much all of my songs.(plus a few that you won't find on NG yet...)

If you are interested, feel free to click on the ridiculously huge-ass link below. /Newgrounds%2BAudio%2BPortal%2B-%2Bhtt Faudio


Japanese Drum and Bass? FOR THE WIN!!!???

2010-01-13 18:21:39 by DjMindsweeper

I just put up a Japanese-inspired DnB titled "Sokusenokketsu". This is my attempt at getting some reviews.I have NONE!!!

I even included the link! /303194